Problem solving to smooth surface

I have a model that has an area that isn’t quite smooth. The composition of the faces aren’t very regular, but it’s only when viewing from certain angles that the divots show up. Anyone have an idea about how to problem solve this surface area? SubD, Smoothed SubD, and emap images attached. Thanks!

This is typically happens when there are overlapping vertices. From the screenshot your model looks clean but I can’t troubleshoot it without sharing a portion of the subd

Here we go. Missed the upload. Thanks

It seems like it might be a tight wave, but I can’t get it worked out without changing the shape of the arm along the crease. It’s an arm for a task chair btw.

Metta Arm Question.3dm (76.7 KB)

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Did Some Topological edits, Trying to keep well distributed quads, feel free to edit them more



Metta Arm Question.3dm (214.9 KB)