Problem saving file with ScriptParasite component

Hi I am facing problem of saving my grasshopper file when I have the component ScriptParasite.


The message accure when I press the save button.

And this is what it says when I read the message.

If I delete the component ScriptParasite than I can still save the file as usual.

Does anyone know what’s going on with it?
I can’t really find any answer in the internet.


It would be helpful if you’d describe what that script is and where you found it?

Hi Giulio
thanks for the reply. It is just a component from food 4 rhino.

I can’t save the file when I use the component, but since I delete it, the file can be saved normally.

OK; there’s a support email … maybe you can ask them if they can answer here! :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. Would you mind sharing the content of the “File Path” parameter?

Do you mean this?
Is it anything wrong with the path? I mean I can still save with the path but not with component ScriptParasite.

Thanks, this was what I meant! Ill have a look as soon as possible.

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Alright Thank you!

Any solutions…i have the same problem

This solved my problem.