Problem returning the topology of multiple meshes


I would like to get the indices of the neighboring vertices of each vertex for multiple meshes .

The Mesh Connectivity - Vertex Proximity Map component from Alessio Erioli works great for a single mesh however if I plug in several meshes, the component returns only one single connectivity map instead of one for each mesh.

It seems that instead of differentiating between the different branches, the component accumulates the neighboring information of each mesh into one single map. (ex: neighbors of vertex 0 in each mesh are aggregated in one single branch)

Problem Connectivity (12.8 KB)

There’s 9 possible connectivity trees (and since we are taling Lists they have obviously 2 dimensions).


I can provide a public version of the above (without various preparation options/checks) that does 6 trees. (212.4 KB)


Your component works like a charm, thank you so much for the help!

NOTE; Recycle ASAP V1: f outputs V instead of F (blame Vodka and Karma).

Added a required basic check and a visual “separation” (due to SplitDisjointPieces used). That said no elaborated checks are included in this public version: if you input bananas … bananas is what you’ll get. (217.7 KB)

NOTE: Do not use MTV indexing for accessing Mesh Normals: these use MV indexing that is not the same (but there’s 2 RC Methods that allow you to map index to index: notify if you want a C# that does that).


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