Problem realizing youtube-tutorial: grasshopper, function contuor

Here is the videolink, i want to realize: Week 5: Parametric Design Process - Computational Methods, Fall 2012 - YouTube

Just at the beginnig of buiding the brickwall in minute 10:44, a bit later i get problems.
The function contuor has a error. But I connect it with a surface, a xy plane, a unit vector (x) and a number slice.If I can i will send you the data to get a view about the problem.

Sorry for my english,
I use english rarely.

Upload your file… Nobody will recreate the 10 min Tutorial. And nobody can guess what you did wrong.

I would like to do this, but I`m new here. It seems if I can not upload my file yet.

Don‘t think new members can‘t Upload Stuff.
But maybe Upload it to dropbox and post link :slight_smile:

Ok thank you! Here is the link.Dropbox neuer Link

Sorry… the right link is here: (grasshopper file and rhino file): Grasshopper and rhino new

Noone here who can help?

Your slider is disabled.

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Oh, what a stupid mistake.
Thank you for your answer!

FWIW, out-of-the-box, Discourse doesn’t allow new users to attach files.
I don’t know if the administrators changed this for this specific forum.

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Well, @jonas.hellenkamp is trust level 1 now as far as I can tell, so uploading should work.

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