Problem modifying TYPE parameters RiR

Dear guys,
I’m having troubles trying to modify type parameters of system families.
I’ve tried to connect the parameter directly without the 1st step querying Type parameter without success.
Also input RiR component selecting the CodPartida parameter , same result.

I attach some image.



Are you trying to modify the type element or the instance? Can you provide a full screenshot of your query. Thanks

Hey Japhy, many thanks for your prompt answer.
My aim is to modify a project Type parameter applied to pipes.
I send you the GH RiR full definition with the error.
Also the Dynamo definition that is working neat for the same purpose.

The problem appears when it comes to modify Type parameters of the element. Everything is working perfect for Instance parameters with RiR.

In your definition you are accessing the Element Instance, you will need to modify the Element Type Parameter in this case.

I get you Japhy. Do I need to use another component for modifying the Element Type Parameter differtent to Element parameter?



Nope, Most everything in Revit is an Element, even Types. The Type Element parameters can be Get/Set with the Element Parameter component.

Sorry again Japhy. I’m trying to modify the parameter with Element parameter value, but still the same result : “1. Parameter ‘CodPartida’ is not defined on ‘Element’. {1086082}”
Am I missing something?
So the key for me is how to modify Type parameters (inside the tag window of Edit type). The process is clear for instance parameters.
Could you please clarifying that?

Many thanks

If you have multiple types you will want to create the set like you did on the instances and get one of each type before modifying the Type Parameter. If the parameter doesn’t exist on the type you will get a not defined on element error. (9.0 KB)

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I really appreciate that Japhy.
I was messing up and feeding with elements the “Element Parameter” component as the workflow of instance parameter. Thank you also for the list item to avoid data repetition.

It’s pretty wise the manner to deal with Type properties of RiR througth Element type.

Thank you again.