Problem loading flamingo


Could anyone help me again please.

You will no doubt be aware that Microsoft keep asking their Windows users via repeated pop up screen messages to update to Window 10. My main desktop PC runs Windows 7 Professional and I am extremely reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10 as there is a possibility that some of my software will not run correctly including Rhino and Flamingo.

As an exercise I have just tried to load all my Rhino and Flamingo software software onto my new laptop which has the Windows 10 operating system just to see if it will run correctly.

I loaded the various cd’s in order :-

Rhino 1

Rhino 1.1 with unlock code

Rhino 2.0 with unlock code

Rhino 3.0 with unlock code

Flamingo 1.0 with unlock code

All loaded ok and Rhino v2 will open with Flamingo but when I open Rhino 3 Flamingo is missing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be the problem before I give it up as a bad job.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards


I think you need Flamingo 1.1 for Rhino V3.
The update to 1.1 was free as it added no new features, and will use your FL10-xxx license key:

Dear John,

Thank you for responding.

I still have all the original software CD’s in their original boxes with instruction manuals and there’s only the one Flamingo CD but it’s so long ago I cannot remember downloading an upgrade to Flamingo 1.1 for Rhino 3 but I will certainly follow your suggestion and give it a go.

Kind regards


It’s been a while, but I don’t remember if 1.1 was ever distributed on CD. It way always have been a free download for 1.0 owners.

That one still came in one of those big boxes:

I think they did if you purchased a Flamingo at that time.
If you already owned a 1.0, the 1.1 upgrade was a free download.
We didn’t ship new product boxes to existing customers.

We’re talking 2002 now.

[cheating here: I have two licenses :sunny:]

Dear Wim,

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond. I have just discovered that the Flamingo 1.1 update was included on my Rhino 3 cd.

Kind regards


Dear John,

I have just discovered that the Flamingo 1.1 was on the Rhino 3 cd

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


That would have been 1.1 SR0
The link I gave you was for 1.1 SR6.

Sorry to be slow but what is the difference between 1.1 SRO and 1.1 SR6

Three years worth of bug fixes.

As a general rule, you should never use the product DVD to re-install an application if any time has gone by between purchase and repeat install.
There will always have been significant updates and fixes after the initial release.

Dear John,

I understand it’s best to get updates direct from the software supplier website however in the case of my Rhino and Flamingo I have ‘never ever’ been able to get any free updates.

When ever I try to open my Rhino 3 I first get the screen image below but then get the next screen message.

If I ‘click’ the Service Release Available or click check for updates from the software menus I then receive image 4 screen message shown below…

  1. First screen message when trying to open Rhino 3

  2. Software does not open and I get the screen message below. If I click OK the third screen message appears.

  3. If I click OK the Rhino 3 software opens.

  4. If I click Service Release Available or check for Rhino or Flamingo updates in the Rhino drop box menus I receive the message below.

If I google I am told the address is not recognised.

Regarding the link you sent me for the most up to date Flamingo 1.1 update

I receive the message that I need Rhino 4 which as you may remember I do not have.

All very frustrating but I have just got used to not be able to get any updates on-line from when I first bought my various Rhino and Flamingo software.

I am far from an IT expert so perhaps you could explain the meaning of and why I receive the various screen messages shown above.

Kind regards


David Scarrow

The basic problem here is Rhino V3 and it’s plug-ins are too old for anything newer than Windows XP SP3.

The old FTP links dies when we shut down the FTP server more than 10 years ago.

If you want to continue running Rhino V3, you’ll need a Windows XP SP3 system and I can dig out the final archived builds of Rhino and your plug-ins.

If you need to run Rhino on a currently support version of Windows (7, 8, 10), then you’ll need to update your Rhino.

Dear John,

This information is even more confusing to me as I use my Rhino V3 and Flamingo 1.1 on my Dell XPS PC running on Windows 7 Professional without a problem. I have however never ever been able to get any free upgrades via the McNeel website even when I used to run all my software for many years on my previous desktop PC which ran the Windows XP operating system.

In a previous email I sent you I explained that Microsoft are continually pushing users to upgrade to Windows 10 which I am reluctant to do due to possible compatibility problems with much of my software which is why I tried to load my existing Rhino V3 and Flamingo 1.1 software onto my new laptop which happens to run on Windows 10 and your software appears to work ok.

In summary you appear to be telling me is that in order for me to get any form of free updates for my various existing McNeel software I must buy a new set of Rhino and Flamingo which for me being now retired and only using the software as a hobby is financially out of the question so all I can do is continue to use my current software versions until they gives up the ghost or I do.

Kind regards


Sorry, no. Apparently I was not clear.

Can you please privately send me a list of the software you’re trying to install, and I’ll stage private downloads for you.
You can save them for future use.