Problem installing rhino add-in in Xamarin studio

I’m trying to install rhino add-in in Xamarin studio but I receive this error.
someone can help me?

Hi @lopez

I just updated Xamarin Studio to 6.1.4 and I see the same thing. I’ll contact Xamarin ASAP.

Xamarin has been having some issues with their repository feed and they have been taking some steps to correct these, but it looks like things have gone south again. In the meantime, if you can roll-back to 6.1.3, that should fix the issue.


I’ve logged a bug for Xamarin. They are quite responsive. I expect they will get this fixed shortly.

Until this bug is fixed, please use Xamarin Studio 6.1.3. You may also need to add a feed (Repository > Manage Repositories > Add) that points to the MonoDevelop Add-in Repository at …

Hopefully this too will be fixed.

For those that are encountering this bug: If you click the Refresh button in the Gallery tab, the RhinoCommon AddIn should now appear (NOTE: You must have Xamarin Studio 6.1.4 or better).