Problem in cutting plane

I want to cut both mullions by a plane as attached

CUTTING.3dm (446.8 KB).
I tried split, wirecut, solid extrude and then booleandiff, I could only cut the green one! Never the grey one!

This was a tough one to find. In the end, it’s one of the profile curves that you used for your bigger extrusion that is the problem. It has two segments in it that are microscopic and they are causing the intersector to fail somehow.

What I did: I ran DupBorder on the lower face of the extrusion, that gave me the 170 individual curves that define the profile. I then used SelShortCrv to see if there were any curves among those smaller than the file tolerance of .001. There were two. I deleted those, joined the rest of the curves back into 3 closed loops and re-extruded your profile. Then BooleanSplit worked fine on the newly extruded part.

HTH, --Mitch

Mitch has been just faster than me…
Here is your file. You can see the microscopic curves generating …microscopic srfs that won’t trim…
You may also want to consider SimplifyCrv on the duplicated borders of the faulty part (see black curves at the bottom of the extrusion). The black curves will extrude and trim as expected.


giuseppe@mcneel.comCUTTING-ok-now-gm.3dm (1.2 MB)

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