Problem in creating a new C++ plugin project in VS2017

Dear Rhino developers, I am a new developer, I am learning " Creating your first C/C++ plugin for Rhino".
After my plugin is loaded, in this step “Adding Additional Commands: Rhino plugins can contain any number of commands. Commands are created by deriving a new class from CRhinoCommand. See rhinoSdkCommand.h for details on the CRhinoCommand class.” Where can I find rhinoSdkCommand.h? Do I need to create one ? Thank you very much!

My mentor told me how to solve it!

It is always a good thing to provide the answer to the question if you found one. people are searching this forum, only to find that the answer was secret… :wink:

// Rolf

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Dear RIL, :blush: the answer is very simple, just beacause I have not installed the Rhino6 SDK, The Rhino C/C++SDK consists primarily of C++ headers and libraries that can be used to build Rhino extensions called Plugins.

That’s nice! Also, make sure to install all the required packages for the Rhino SDK to run. Like, MFC, ATL libraries and all.

Thanks for your reply, I already installed all the required packages for the Rhino SDK to run.