Problem in Automating the List item With the Slider

Tower Querry (43.0 KB)

Hi Everyone,
I’m Making a telephone tower, where i am kind of automating the Polygon shape of the tower along with the Height and the Diagonal Braces altogether. the place where i’m stucked is,

  1. here in the Image Shown, as i’m increasing the Polygon Count, i Have to add the Parameter in the List.
  2. In the Given Project i have made it till 9 Segmented Polygon.
  3. but after increase in the Number of vertices, i’ll Again have to update the List.

is there any solution so that, with changing the Count of vertices of the polygon, i’m able to automate the List as well. so that the Manual task of adding the List Again and again will be reduced.

thank you.

Hello @BA19ARC041_RUSHABH_M.

Some things have been modified. You should consider learning about data tree’s structure, essential for Grasshopper.

P.S.: I think pipe component is more suitable for your requirements than sweep, and much easier to use.
Tower Querry (53.3 KB)