Problem in assigning materials in nXt 5 from Command LIne

We are trying to assign a material to a layer. I created a folder “Flamingo Materials” on the desktop and created a texture-based material there (WG-01.mtl). The texture file (jpg) is in the same folder. I can assign this material when I click on the material for the layer, navigate to this folder and select the material. However, when I try to do the same in a macro, the layer material is set to the WG-01 name, but it is grey (no texture).
Here is the macro I am using:

-Layer M “Layer 01” M WG-01

Can you post the mtl and jpg files? How did you create the mtl as well? was it made for instance with an obj export from Rhino? Thanks, this will help me mock it up here to see if there’s a solution.

WG-01.rmtl (37.2 KB)
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I created this material from the Layer Material - New - Start from scratch - Flamingo Textured, and used this image as texture.

I think the problem is related to the way Flamingo nXt 5 handles the texture images. In previous versions of Flamingo the name of a texture file was shown in the material texture information, while now when I include the texture jpg file, Flamingo calls it Flamingo Image 001. Then, when I try to call this material again, it can not find this texture file.

I don’t know if that’s the real issue here. I’ve just been looking at it and comparing with Rhino Render as well. The problem appears to be that a new material of the same name is created which can be seen in the Materials panel. What you really want though is to browse the current materials and pick one for the Layer to use. An example of this type of browsing workflow can be seen with the command “RenderAssignMaterialToObjects” in which you can type the WG-01 name and it uses the existing one.

I think we just need a layer version of this command to do what you’re after here in an alias/macro. I filed this request…

There is another thing I am confused about. When I click the Plus button in the Materials panel, navigate to ProgramData\McNeel\Flamingo nXt\Libraries\en-US\Materials\Wood\Maple\Maple Natural-Low Gloss.ArMaterial, I can see the correct material with wood grain texture in the preview. But when I click Open, the material brought into the panel has the same name but it is grey.
The same happens for other materials. Am I missing something?