Problem Import


I have a problem with JPEG image imports.

I need to draw on an existing JPEG file. But I can not…

To import my image I type: image (surface / plan / image) then I insert my jpeg image on my workspace by adjusting the scale.
But sometimes the image is no longer visible, only a white square is visible (the surface object). It is impossible to see the JPEG drawing.
Has anyone ever encountered this problem.
Is there another more stable way to import to a jpeg image?

Thanks for your help.


A white image display on a PictureFrame (V5), or Picture (V6) is an indication of the display driver problem.
If you’re in V6, open the Notifications Panel.
Is there a warning about an old display driver?

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It’s Rhino 6.
Yes effectively : “the driver is old”
thank you !

You will probably need to visit the Web sites for your graphics card makers to get updated drivers. The automatic check for update tools have a near 100% failure rate.
All currently supported display adapters should have drivers less than 2 months old.