Problem extrusion crv with the gumball

Ultima wip (21/06/2017)
When you use the gumball to extrude any curve, there is a delay in extrusion (this does not happen in real time).

I’m not seeing a delay here. Do you mean that if you are in a shaded mode the preview is shown in wireframe as you drag?

Brian I found out where the problem is: if I turn off the “tesselation” option, the extrusion through the gumball is displayed perfectly (in shade mode), otherwise the extrusion preview will not be seen correctly.
My video drivers (GeForce gtx 960) are up to date.

Thanks for the extra details, I’m still not sure what the exact issue is that you’re running into with GPU tessellation on. Is there a chance you can record a video capture of the issue and post it here?