Problem exporting multiple files with Elefront

Hello everyone,
I’m sure it’s something trivial but i can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong, it’s been hours and i’m desperate…
When i use the Export component from Elefront it does create all the correct files in the right folder but in each file i puts all the geometri and not the single element it should… Even with a short list of four elements…
Thank you (15.1 KB)

@Daniele1 You just need to graft the trees going in to the “Name” and “ID” inputs. For every file name you provide, the component will work on a list of objects. So by providing a flat list into the ID component, each file exported will contain all objects in that list.

I also noticed you are using a button component to activate the Export component. I believe this button is a custom button, but the component is not reliable with a button to activate it. This is because in Rhino6 and earlier, the Export component has to use the command line execute the commands, effectively leaving GH to do the work.

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Thank you! I’ll try it out

You can stick to Pancake’s Export As component if you want.

This produced empty files…I’m still missing something but thank you

It worked perfectly! Where i can learn what the graft does to the data?
Thank you so much!!!

I don’t know what you are doing, but I don’t get empty files on my side. Is the geometry being referenced correctly?

For trees, which are fundamental to all GH, I would recommend the GH primer.

Pancake’s Export As, as well as Elefront’s Export component, enables exporting multiple geometry into one file. So that each datatree branch represents one file.

Without grafting, you would only have one datatree branch. Grafting puts each object into its own datatree branch.

I’ve inserted a brep primitive, selected the geometry and then clicked set multiple Breps, is that correct?

I see, thank you!

Is the geometry in the active document, or is the geometry “Grasshopper Only”? In this version of eleFront and R6, the geometry must be in the active document to be exported.

Since they can be converted into GUIDs and whose attributes (names) can be retrieved, I suppose those are in the document.

yes they are in the document i’m working on

@Daniele1 here is the script for you to review. In this script I generate some boxes, bake them, then reference, and export. Should contain all the key, basic elements. (14.9 KB)

thank you for your time i’m really grateful

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