Problem creating overlapping floors

Hi, if I want to create floors that overlap, nothing happens except an error message. (1. Transaction RolledBack and aborted.)

How is it possible to get around this, because I have to draw a new building in the existing building.

Thank you for any help

Does grafting the input give you the desired outcome?

Unfortunately, grafting in the input has no effect, whether in the cluster (with Crv) or in the output (Floor B).

The input in the cluster also only consists of a curve and only has the task of projecting the curve onto a plane (to provide the parallel outline for the ceiling), reducing the curve with RedPLine and then outputting the original points in order to adjust the heights again later.

For example, if I move the curve (as a test) to a height (above or below the sidewalk) where it does not collide with another ceiling, then everything works without problems, but as soon as it collides with another ceiling, the error message appears.

I use Revit 22 and the version of RhinoInsideRevit 1.21.8904.29048 (2024-05-18)

Not sure what you are running into. A small example might be needed to be able to help effectively.

There is a mild warning of overlaps but the creation succeeds.

I did a quick test in a new project where there are two offset, overlapping rectangles and the error occurs there too.

Attached is the simple script and the Rhino8 file. I can’t upload the Revit 22 file because of its size but maybe it will help.

Test.3dm (57.3 KB) (12.0 KB)

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Hello Japhy, does it work if you assign each curve to its own Add Floor Node?

Even if I assign multiple curves to an Add Floor Node including grafting, I still get the message.

Everything seems ok here, do note i am on the service release candidate.

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I also tested it under Revit 24 and I got the same error message there too. It seems to be due to the RhinoInsideRevit version that I’m using and the newer version that you’re using seems to have fixed the error or whatever it was. I’ll see if IT can install the new version for me and then I’ll get back to you.

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Hello Japhy,
our IT installed your RhinoInsideRevit version for me and the error no longer occurs, there is only a note about the overlap of the ceilings but they are all created.

Thank you very much for the new version.

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