Problem converting a mesh done with zbrush into a solid

I received a file of a Ring model that seems to be “just” a mesh, made with brush. What I need for having the model cast in metal is a solid or closed polysurface. is there a relatively easy way to convert the mesh into a solid? I’m a beginner with rhino so I don’t know how.


please post some screenshots maybe a file and which version of rhino you are using

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hope you can see the file now
I’m using rhino 7

nice octopus. well what is your conversion really for? you could basically print this just the same already, no need for converting it at all. its a closed valid mesh from what i see so i would not fuss around and just print it and use acetate to smooth the bumps.

you can of course also use QuadRemesh which is already in v7.

then if you really must you can use the ToNURBS command which will create a polysurface which will reduce the faces a bit and create bigger patches.

maybe you can simplify that more when you reduce it more at the Quadremesh step, but i would not fuss with that too much since you have a mesh which should print already honestly.