Problem about Thai language

Hello everyone. I’m using Rhino in Thailand and need to add some Thai words in my projects but when I copy paste or write by myself the word it shows only small boxes. As you can see in the pictures here I’ve added.
Untitled%202 Untitled

Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks.

insert pictures may be?
I mean inside Rhino instead of text place a picture. I don’t know how would that work though.

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Are you using Rhino 6?

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Inserting pictures will take much time since I need to edit many thai words for every project.
Thank your time.

Rhone 5.

We completely rewrote how text is handled in Rhino 6. You may have better luck if you install the V6 evaluation.

You have better luck with Rhino 6 or even better with Rhino 7. In Rhino 6. Command “TEXT” (not the same as TEXT OBJECT found in previous versions of Rhino), allows you to create a rich text format similar to MS Word. You can try the recent release Rhino 7. There is still some issue with display vowel characters incorrectly on some Thai fonts, especially old fonts. I tested with some new fonts like “Pesto”, it doesn’t have that problem.