Probably the data type

I can’t understand what type of data Notes (Multilenes data off) produces and how to convert it.
In IDLE Python, the code works, but in ghpython, the X data doesn’t go as a string.
For bad English, I apologize.

Your multiline input is being read as text, each row as a string, a set of characters. (15>5,1 ; 21>2,1)
You need to tell the component to work with a list instead of just 1 object at time.
You should right-click over the “x” input of the Python component and set “List Access”.
Then, as “list(set(x))” can sort anything, you need to specify you are working with float/int numbers, otherwise it would handle “8” or “8.0” as two different objects (texts).
Set “Type hint” as “float” or “int”.

Thanks, I will try

Are you by any chance working on a sundial?