Probable Win8 window glitch Rhinoscript help

When I open up the Rhinoscript help file from the menu in the script editor, its behaviour is a bit wonky…as stated I think this is a Win8 thing. For example, every time I hit enter after entering a search term, and maybe every time I double-click on something, the help file and editor disappear until I click on the Rhino window. If I open the help file from the Rhino menu, it doesn’t do that, but it still seems prone to disappearing when it should not.

Hi Jim- RhinoScript help (and Python I think as well) behavior has been wonky for ever (V5) even on W7. I know there are a couple of bugs on the pile - I cannot find them right now of course, but I’ll test and add more if needed- the trouble is I sort of got used to it…