Privacy issue

is there any way to delete or hide my posts?

@brian ?

Click the “…” symbol at the bottom of the your post then choose to delete it

info @Dancergraham :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends. Once other people have gone through some effort replying you are no longer allowed to delete your post. Only admins can.

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so how can i contact admin to delete my post?

At mention Brian or @wim

i am not able to see this admin setting in my rhinoceros forum profile.


No only admins can see it. I don’t know whether any admins are online at this time of night but wim may be the first to sign on tomorrow…

I don’t know whether your attachments will be deleted from the database but they will be hard to find if your posts are deleted.

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I’m online and I can delete your attachments, but I want to leave good responses up for other people who may have similar issues in the future.

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Looks like we’re working at cross purposes; I just deleted the three posts he requested we review.

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yes thanks a lot for your help. your all team are great.