Prioritize configurable Python path?

Congratulations to Alain et al on the phenomenal progress lately. Rhino for Mac has been an impressively powerful tool for a while now, and now all the little fiddly details are getting worked out. The Atom integration, in particular, is a big deal for me. Being able to initiate execution of a script directly from the editor I’m using to write it removes one of the big bottlenecks in my workflow.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest bottlenecks in my workflow remains: the fixed Python search path. I need to be able to add directories to the Python path in an automated way.

I use Python for a lot of things, and most of my projects either contain more than one package, or use external third-party packages. I’m used to using tools like pip and virtualenv, or conda, to manage my dependencies. There is a lot of good information here in the forums about using aliases and links to manage scripts, and it works fine, but the fact is that there are established conventions for managing dependencies in Python, and Rhino isn’t compatible with any of them. A configurable path would be a hook I could use to work with those systems.

I don’t know what the simplest way to implement it is, but even just a command-line argument would be enough to make a big difference. I know there are layers of complexity, like Mono and .NET and IronPython, so it’s probably not easy, but I hope McNeel will prioritize it. It would give Rhino access to a much wider world.

It will have to come with caveats; the documentation should clearly state that since it runs in IronPython inside of Mono (do I have that right?) some things, like numpy, will likely never be available. But that still leaves a lot of pure Python libraries that will work fine.

Thanks for all the hard work.


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Sorry for the slow uptake. Thank you for bringing this up. I put this on our list (MR-1994).


No problem…I will talk to @Alain about this soon.

I’m happy to do this now if everyone feels it’s a priority.