Printing with Raytraced in Rhino 6

I am trying to print in Raytraced in Rhino 6 but it prints the orange box down on the bottom of the viewport. Is there any way to print with Raytraced without the box at the bottom?12-21-2018%202-29-50%20PM

How are you printing your view?
The picture you provided is cut off and doesn’t give enough information to understand your problem

In Rhino 6 if I print in Raytraced then an orange box along the bootom of the viewport will also show in the print. Is there anyway to print in Raytraced with out it?

Hello - no, as far as I can tell there is no way to avoid this.

Also, that doesn’t look like a Raytraced view to me.

Any progress on this issue? I noticed it’s still not working in rhino 8.5

Hi Maxime -

The YouTrack issue is open to the public and any activity can be seen there.
This one is still open and on the 8.x list.

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