Printing sets of layouts from grasshopper?


Do you know, is there a chance to print sets of layouts into pdf through grasshopper? I guess there is no native way how to do it from grasshopper. But let’s say I have several sets of layouts which I want to print separately and I know their names - I can list them in grasshopper. Is there any way how to print it? Script, trick, magic, miracle…?

Thanks for any ideas :slight_smile:

throw new AmbiguityException(“What’s a layout for you?”);

Layout is everything for me…

Anyway, I dont see any ambiguity regarding layouts. Or I dont get your question :slight_smile:

return new Reward(“Master of descriptions”);

If you mean the canvas, yes, you can do it from code.

Yes, then I mean the canvas. Do you know about a code that does exist? Or is it rather digging into it for one week, pulling down the curtains and ordering a lot of pizza?

  var bmp = Grasshopper.Instances.ActiveCanvas.GetCanvasScreenBuffer(Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas.GH_CanvasMode.Export);
  bmp.Save(@"C:\Users\Dani Gonzalez\Pictures\Saved Pictures\Capture.png");

With this you can save a screenshot of the canvas with C#, but to convert it to pdf I think you need a library. And with this you can move the canvas viewport from code:

Oh yeah, now I see the ambiguity of layout and canvas…I really meant layouts inside rhino - the real fe. A3 pages with details.

Printing is done from Rhino, Grasshopper wasn’t made to work in multiple layouts simultaneously.

I use fabtools, most of the components still work fine in rhino 6. The layout manager is great for deleting.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I am running mac now, so this plug-in is not available here. Anyway, I am not aware that you can chose more layouts and print directly even with FabTools, or am I wrong? It has been a while since I last used this…

What do you mean by print directly? The standard printing dialog allows for multiple layouts. There are batch printing routines but i believe they still require a number of print settings – so just as easy to cntl+p.

Yes, I have found a batch printing script here on the forum, which is super helpful. Anyway, let’s imagine you have 150 layouts. You don`t always want to print all 150 layouts by batch print, because you want fe. only 21-35 pages as one set of drawings, 40-75 as second set of drawings, 1-50 as third etc. Of course, you can object that I can batch print everything and than sort the files manually, which is relevant and still easiest way how to deal with it and probably the fastest…

Yeah, that’s a much more specific question which i don’t have an solution for. If you know the range of the drawing sets it seems quite script-able.

Actually the point was to connect csv. file with layout sets to grasshopper and if there was a solution how to retrieve layout informations and print within grasshopper, then it is easy. But I doubt there is such an option…unless there is a gh. python or whatever script for that.

This is working for me: Parametric layouts from Grasshopper