Printing point clouds to PDF in Rhino 7

Hi all,

I’ve imported a point cloud into a project and set up some detailed views in a layout. However, when I try to print to PDF (Adobe / Rhino PDF or Image), the output is quite fine and barely visible. To clarify the CSV has been imported as a point-cloud object.

I have tweaked the line weights in both the layer settings and in the print dialogue, which has had no effect. However, when I am in my layout and use _ViewCaptureToFile, the resulting saved image shows the point cloud as per my screen.

I’ve attached images of the issue below.

Any suggestions on plotting my Layouts / PDFs with the point clouds showing clearly?

Thanks team!

PDF (Acrobat/Rhino/Image) output from print dialogue

Image of layout using _ViewCaptureToFile

In your Display Modes in Options, you’ll find different settings for objects, and a size for point clouds.It seems that the size of the output is releated to the DPI setting of your pdf output. So this means currently that you need to multiply the desired size to match your wanted output. Example: if it looks good on screen, and you output to 300 dpi, increase the size of your point cloud size by 4.

I will make a request if this can be tuned up.
Logged as RH-71497 Point cloud point size in pdf output should be independent of dpi setting

Awesome! thank you for the workaround.
Would be nice to correlate the on-screen size to the print size in the future.


I am also having this issue, however, no matter how much I increase the size of the point cloud, it does not seem to make any difference to its appearance in the pdf. Using the ViewCaptureToFile command is the only way to replicate what I can see on the screen, however, I need to be able to produce scaled pdfs.

Are there any other solutions?