Printing PDF from layout Problem


While printing a PDF from a Layout I get the above problem, the top righthand deail view in Perspective is set to PEN view, I get a black rectangle over the view, not always the same size though!!


I get this same problem, I am doing a Layout view with some details.
Like you said, it is random where the “Black” rectangles appear but, for me it only appears
in the “PDF” file.
When in Rhino (in a layout view), and you do a “Save As” > PDF the Save as dialog box comes up,
and shows the “Preview” the preview does NOT have the Black Rectangles (nor are there any of them in the model or layout). When the PDF viewer pops up showing the saved file. The Black rectangles Show up. They will show up on “Some” of the layouts, but not all of them. I have noticed that the Black rectangles appear on the “Right Hand” side of the detail view, and they start at the mid-point then go up, and then inward by some arbitrary distance.
If you Hide or Delete the detail that has the offending rectangles then it does NOT show up in the PDF. (I have tried several PDF programs it shows in all of them, so it is coming from Rhino).
This has started happening as of the latest update of Rhino 5.0, files that where prior to that, that did not have any issues, are now showing the mystery black rectangles.
I have tried “Other” print settings, deleting the “Old” details and putting in “New” ones, but the rectangles appear still. This also happens in other files that had no previous issues, but now without me doing anything to them, they now show the mystery black rectangle.

I have the latest video driver for my laptop, which was also before the last rhino update, so it is not the driver. I am running W8.1 without changes from prior to the last rhino update, so it is not something new in W8.1.
Latest Rhino 5.0 (64bit) update (when problem started), prior to this date.

I have also tried completely deleting the layout(s) that have the rectangles, and putting in brand new layouts… they appear again…
I have also turned OFF ALL layers, and the rectangles appear again. So, it is something in the Detail views in Rhino itself that is creating these rectangles.

PLEASE, if someone has a work around, please advise, or if Mary at Rhino can fix/help that would be great also.