Printing page while detail is active Bug

Need to report another printing Bug.
If a detail is active on a page and I try to print the page, then I get the detail replicated randomly all over the page. The print comes out all messed up. If I make sure that all details are inactive so that i’m back in paperspace then everything prints correctly.
This is particularly troublesome with multiple pages as I have to go through and double check that all of the details are inactive before I print.

Hope its an easy fix.

Hi Ian - what is the print destination? Is it pdf or paper?


We’ve seen the problem here both going to Rhino PDF and on our printers

Hi Ian - OK - not here, so far… I’ll ask print master @stevebaer - Steve, have you heard of this one?


I’ve never heard of or seen this one before. Ian, does this happen through the printing user interface or are you using a custom script of some sort?

I emailed both of you a sample showing the error. It happens just using the default printing interface.