Printing of the Layers Panel

I find annoying the fact that if I change visible layers then print, Rhino tries to print the contents of the LAYERS panel.

I have to click in the workspace before I can print. I can’t quickly print various layer combinations.

Is this a bug or a feature? I tried a few other panels and they don’t print like this. It seems only the LAYERS panel do.

I’m guessing as this persists into May of 2020, the devs are leaving this as a FEATURE and not a bug. :confused:

In Rhino Mac v6, I encountered this the other day. There were times when I canceled the Print dialog, intentionally clicked into the workspace to redirect focus and still Rhino persisted in showing me the Layers dialog on the subsequent Print Preview screen.

As of v6.25.20114.03572, this happens when highlighting any of the layer names in the Layers Palette.

I’m also finding that if I go into the NOTES portion of that palette, invoke the text entry cursor in there, the Print Preview screen shows me it’ll intend on printing the black backgrounded box.

Is this still happening?
If so, is there a series of commands that makes it happen?
I can’t duplicate it so far so my guess is your description isn’t detailed enough.
If we can repeat it, we can probably fix it.


This has been happening on the Mac since forever. To replicate it, you just have to activate the layers panel, just click on a layer leaving the cursor on top of it and hit Command+P to print.

Good new is that I’m not seeing this on WIP.


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Most definitely. :slight_smile:

I believe there is at least one other panels where this happens as well. At one point I went through all the panels and, while RHino did not try to print most of them, I believe there was one (or two) others that it would try to print.

My guess is the developer will find the issue and fix it for all the panels that do this, but there is no way to know unless you can specifically identify them and we can test them against the fix.