Printing not correct

when i do a print circles with a font inside the font is not aligned correct as in the drawing also the position of the circles is not as in the drawingr2viejo.3dm (313.4 KB)
picture here also and the file. btw left picture is the exploded 2 and hatched that worked correct … not the position of the circles next to viejo

Are you printing to a physical printer straight from the Rhino Print Setup dialog?

At any rate, some testing here:

  1. Using the PDF entry as Destination in the Rhino Print Setup dialog (*) saved the PDF but the result was not good and Rhino crashed right after the pdf file was created. There was no crashing dialog.
    1 - Viejo print pdf.pdf (410.4 KB)

  2. Using the Rhino PDF SaveAs function created a PDF file but the result was offset (but in the other direction from what you got).
    2 - Viejo saveas pdf.pdf (94.8 KB)

  3. Trying step 1 again to reproduce the crashing - the PDF file was created; everything seems in place; Rhino didn’t crash.
    3 - Viejo print pdf - 2.pdf (314.5 KB)

(*) I'm not sure if the PDF entry here is Rhino's or Microsoft's...

yes Wim used a real printer on paper, i did not even try my designjet plotter yet… this will also not work i think, i do not use podf , i want to print direct 1:1 on paper and that should work, it does not look good in the printer dialog box there the fault is vissible

No reply , ? can we print 1:1 with rhino 6 ?

Hi robo- apparently I do not have that font here but so far printing works - what font is that, can you attach it?



i do not have tis font on my laptop will be next week when i am in the
shop again , on the pdf or real printer it does not look good , but on
jpg print it looks ok , yes most printing did work for me , but after
this i am in doubt , i hope it is a font related problem

have a nice weekend


hello Pascal

the font is informal roman enclosed here


Hi Rob - no sign of an attachment - can you zip it and try again?



that is strange i checked and it is really enclosed , here again it is a
font .infroman, informal roman. and as a rar

let me know



INFROMAN.rar (47.2 KB)

any update on this problem ? and who knows on how many fonts this is happening ?

it is busy i guess ?

Hello - I see the problem here, thanks.


RH-43026 should be fixed in the latest BETA. Please give printing a try and see if it works on your end.

we do will let it know

not fixed sorry

hold on , when closing rhino another update showing up, and it is ok now

sorry for the trouble

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