Printing multiple layouts with page numbers & automatic scale


Using Rhino 7

I have encountered a bug while printing multiple layouts.
I work as an interior architect, and use rhino for my work. Where I will put up an entire project for a client and then put up layers to show or hide in different layouts.

In order to streamline my work a bit I have used Rhinos built in textfield “codeing”.
For example for page number, page name and most importantly the scale of the detail in the layout.

In the beginning of Rhino 7 it worked like a charm, and I was really happy with this update in Rhino 7.
Now, since a couple of weeks back, however it has started to throw a bug when I try to print multiple layouts. In the print it would say “###” instead of the text from the textfield.

Does anyone have and answer why it would start to behave like this?
Is there a fix?
Please help.

Thank you
Bartolomeus Capetillo

Hi Bartolomeus,

It would be best of you can provide a file that exhibits this behaviour.
Without the file it’s hard to tell.

Possibly the ### is because the text is too small to fit the content in it?
What happens if you widen the text?


Rhino-TEST_Barto.3dm (10.9 MB)
This is a cleaned file. My files usually become too big to upload.
But the issue is still there. It is in the text field where is says “SKALA…”

When I print individually it works and writes out “SKALA 1:50 A3” for example.
But on multiple print it says “SKALA ### A3”

The text string I use is this “SKALA %<DetailScale(“PLAN”,“1:#”)>% A3”
And the detail is called PLAN

The issue is that the fields work when I print them individually.
It is only when I try multiple printing it does not work.

Thanks for any help

Hei Bartolomeus -
I looked into this topic yesterday and saw an issue with DetailScale using the detail attribute name and wrote that up as RH-63355: File IO: DetailScale: Detail attribute name.
In the tests that I ran then, the actual output didn’t show the “####” error message but used the same value in all text fields instead of using the value that is correct for the detail on each sheet.
I started looking at your file and saw that the first sheet with a detail and a scale didn’t have a name for that detail - which would/could explain the “####” part of this bug.
(EDIT: I now see that you have two overlapping details on that sheet)
I’ll look a bit more but am running into different things now that I need to find out about…

Hi Wim,

Yes You are right. If the first detail has a scale and detail name, it repeats on every layout.
It is still not the right behavior for this command.

I should also tell you that this did work fine in the beginning of Rhino 7, but recently started bugging out. So it worked fine even with overlapping details. (this works as long as only one of them have a name).

However as I mentioned earlier, this is not the behavior that I would like.

Is there an other way to show the scale in a detail automatically?

Kind regards
Bartolomeus Capetillo

Hi Bartolomeus -

No, there is no other way. This bug (RH-63355) needs to be fixed. When it is, this thread will be notified.

Thank you for looking into it

How is it going with this bug?
Are you getting any closer to fixing it?

Hi Bartolomeus -

The fix for this one should be in the current 7.6 release candidate. If you are currently only running final service releases, you will have to change your update settings to install this.

Hi Wim,

Ok, how do I change that?
Is it then going to be updated automatically?

Hi Bartolomeus -

Go to Rhino Options > Updates and Statistics and change the Update fequency to Service Release Candidate. After some time, Rhino will detect that a newer version is available, download that and allow you to install that update.

Thank you Wim!
And this will fix my problem and I will be able to print as before?

  • Bartolomeus

Hi Bartolomeus -

Only you can tell…

Hello Wim,

Yes I have now had the possibility to try this and it seems to be working!
Thank you very much for your help, this is going to save me much time and many tears in my work.

Have a great day

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