Printing madness

I’ve created file in mac version and tried to print it as pdf but the output had a solid background and I need it with no background at all.
I moved to RH6 for Win but then I got the different line thickness and font differences and at the very end I got this:
Error: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

Can you share your file so we can try and repeat this?


There were two issues in my post:

  1. V5 for Mac prints with solid background (removed later in Illustrator)
  2. V6 prints with error (never seen it before, never experienced any
    problem with pdf printing from Rh6 so far).

Sorry for my language, it was Friday afternoon, just before the deadline.
Try printing the area within locked rectangle which is A3 sheet, scale 1:400

PS You have a very little file size allowed to be sent to your mailbox. It
comes compressed.


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Rondellen (1.62 MB)

Crashes RH6 on printing here as well…

Which version of Rhino are you using @wim?

@Piotr this may be fixed in the latest code. I’m having trouble repeating the bug. With luck, we’ll have our first release candidate for SR3 available tomorrow. That is where you should try printing this file. Sorry that it isn’t working at the moment.

Just a quick reply until I get home and find the exact release. That was on a 6.3 daily.

6.3 daily was crashing when running the print command for any model. This was just fixed a few hours ago.

and I did send in the crash report…

OK. All good then.