Printing issues

I’ve got a new A3-capable printer for my Architecture studies but I have an annoying issue when trying to print my Rhino files. Every time I want to print my drawings I get these strange artefacts were lines and hatches don’t come out correctly, as you can see in the attached photo.

Exporting the file as PDF or AI and then printing from Acrobat/Illustrator results in the same problem. Files created in other programs are printed without any issues, so the problem seems to be Rhino, not the printer. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue?

I’m using Rhino 6 for Windows (latest Patch)
Printer is an HP Officejet Pro 7730 with latest drivers installed

Hello - can you export the objects that you show there and post a file with those? or send to, (with a link back here in your comments)


Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same problem with a new HP 7740.

It disappeared when I got a new pc, soo I’m suspecting some sort of driver issue? Anyway I wasn’t able to fix it on my old one