Printing issue with the rhino object

HeadFrame_V2.7z (8.9 MB)

I printed the attached head frame in our lab with 3D printer. It had several errors with printed frame. The printed frame (supposed to be a single entity) was broken into several layers. Bunch of layers were missing.There was an extra central plane extending from head to the outer cover. Did you have faced any such issue? Could you figure out any error with this design?


Hi Bijaya- use Check on this object - you’ll see the object is not valid - use ExtractBadSrf and Isolate to isolate the bad surfaces - there are a few and some have edges quite a bit out of tolerance with the file tolerance… some repair in needed - it looks like you made some trims or Boolean operations with objects not quitte fully intersecting, perhaps?

e.g. three trims that end in the middle of the surface and no trim to make the fourth side:


Hi Pascol,

You know the frame has many tiny cylinders protruding from the surface. I happened to remove some of them. When I removed the cylinders from its surface, it introduced bad edges and shells errors when checked its stl file with mini magic. What I did as you suggested is: I exploded the frame and removed the cylinders. The holes are left on the surface while removing the cylinder which I removed using ’ untrim’ command. Then I used “join” command to connect all exploded surfaces ( boolean union did not work). The "untrim’ command did not work for closing the holes when I started without exploding the frame.

How do I get rid of the bad edges? Is there any effective way not to introduce bad edges and shells on removing the tiny cylinders.