Printing into PDF issues

How multiple layouts get printed:
Random geometry gets only partially rendered.

How single layout page gets printed after Rhino restart:

I am forced print 1 page at a time using RASTER OUTPUT ONLY, close Rhino, open it again, flip to next page, print, close, open again, next page, print…

It doesn’t matter what pdf driver I use. Bullzip, CutePDF, PDF995. Everything fails. I have to restart Rhino to “free up some render memory” for a page to render properly? Also, this is how it looks in Vector (something is always f’ed up and restart doesn’t help):

Model file sent to

Page 206 will always fail to render objects (symbols curves) in layout space.

Hi Hunam - did you try the same file in V6/WIP but any chance? Any different?


That was my first idea, but then I remembered about incompatible options file. RIP settings and custom Display Mode for printing. Here’s what I’ve got with defaults:

Text size isn’t the same, justification is messed up, lineweghts are different, hatches draw order on the legend is messed up.

EDIT: My home computer does the same thing.

Hi Hunam- So, If I understand… V6 has problems printing your file but the problems are different from V5, is that correct?


Yes. Here are the issues I see just from that last picture:

  1. Lineweights are translated improperly.
  2. Text justification and size are translated improperly.
  3. Objects draw order is translated improperly.

BUT, it actually plots everything. V5 has some kind of render cache limitation where even green boxes filling up preview screen when printing do not go all the way to cover it (don’t know if it means anything).

If this helps - all the geometry that doesn’t get printed is in the layout space.

I re-sent the file to support email through

Managed to make pages 206 & 207 print in V5 - curves Print Width was the culprit. Curves thicker than .40 have a high chance to glitch out and not print at all. BTW, it was only curves/lines that weren’t getting printed. Linetype doesn’t matter.