Printing each section in one PDF / Grasshopper for R6 mac

Hi guys,

i have prepared arch sections of one type of beam. All together there is 257 sections. I would like to print each of them on one A4. Have been trying since few hours with no positive results. Any Idea how could i do it? Before i move to manual solution in rhino…

Many thanks in advance!

191122_problem with printing.3dm (3.4 MB) 191122_problem with (31.8 KB)

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A number of ways to do this. I typically do a fabtools type setup.

A pure grasshopper version would be to modify your viewport (human plugin) to the center of the page and print pdf via Sasquatch print to pdf component. There may be other pdf printing components out there as well.

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Thanks you so much for your replay!

Im a mac user so this wont work sadly :frowning: Ill look for some other pdf printing components as you suggested