Printing command options to command history

You are prototyping a macro and run a -dash command with lot of nested options to find the correct options sequence.

In V5, once you found what you wanted, all you had to do is hit F2 and all the options for the command were in there, so you could just copy and paste which ones you need…

In V6/Beta, you hit F2 and it is… almost blank, it only has the options you clicked on. This makes it much more difficult to prototype macros, as you no longer have a text overview of all the command options. I find myself having to make several screenshots with complicated commands so I can see all the options.

This especially annoying for prototyping macros that run in a script via rs/Rhino.Command(), as generally you need to hard code ALL the options in order to make sure they’re set correctly when you run the script.

I wonder if this could be tuned up somehow…


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Hi Mitch - there is a setting for that under Options > Appearance - it does seem to be off by default - I don’t know if that is by design or not…


“Restore Defaults” sets it to on in my installation of V6 Beta.
(6.0.17325.8311, 11/21/2017)

Hmm, that’s interesting, don’t recall having set that to off - didn’t even know it was there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, what’s ironic is that what scripters have been asking for when using rs.Command() is the not the suppression of the input prompts at the command line/history - which you can turn off in the script - but rather the printing of the results to the command line… which continues even if the above option is unchecked.