Printing and shadows

I would love for this to get a bit of love. If I have a display mode with shadows, and it is using ambient occlusion (either skylight is on, or the display mode’s lighting scheme is set to ambient occlusion) and print it, I will always get visible lines of difference in the shadow density at the edges of print “buckets.” It doesn’t seem to matter which printer (native PDF, or standard printer). If I want a detail with shadows, I have to render it out, and replace the detail with a jpg. Any changes require a re-render.

Any chance this could get tuned?

Hi Sam - I’m checking now to reproduce the problem if I can… thanks.

A-a-a-a-and I am not seeing the problem in a viewport, let’s try a layout & detail

Ah- that’s it - thanks, I’ll buggify this. Looks really bad here…


Thanks for your persistence in trying to figure out what I was talking about, I should have been clearer. Glad you found it.

Thanks again,

RH-42021 is fixed in the latest WIP

This is better, thanks! However print speeds seemed to have greatly suffered, an Arch E1 sheet (30" x 42") that used to plot in perhaps 10-15 seconds now takes about 10 minutes. Can this be tuned?


@SamPage I made this youtrack item: You are right, things can get very slow when doing large prints.