Printing Ambient Occlusion Images

I have a layout with three perspective views using ambient occlusion and a few viewports showing plan and elevation views. Attempting to print crashes Rhino unless I switch the ambient occlusion images to default lighting. Any thoughts?

I’ve got Rhino6SR6 on16 Gb of ram, an i7-7700 CPU @ 2.8Ghz, and an NVidia GeForceGTX 1050Ti

I think changes @DavidEranen made to the AO code are in 6.7 onwards available. You could try a 6.7 build (subscribe to the service release candidate stream in Updates & Statistics options page) and see if that works better (it should crash a lot less).

Nathan! Thanks! That worked beautifully. I realize this release - being a “candidate” - may not be complete, please let me know if there’s a list of reports I can go to find out what shortcomings it may be known to have, and contribute those I may discover.

That isn’t how the development works. Let me try to explain:
There are two active development branches, “6.x” and the service release candidate; currently 6.7
6.7 was created when 6.6 was released.
When 6.6 was released, then the the current state of V6 is “frozen” and designated 6.7.
All new changes go into 6.x.
The Service Release Candidate is left alone for a month and only major defects are fixed. The idea is to get a stabilized branch of the code.
When the SRC branch is stable, it is released and everything changes to the next increment.

The “incomplete” you describe is the process that happens in the Work-In-Progress builds that will produce the next Version of Rhino.

Does that help?

Got it, thanks John.