PrintDisplay - Line weights

Is there any chance of adding ‘PrintDisplay’ and ‘Print Preview’ to preferences ?

I work with these with settings a lot and every time I start a new session I need to change the PrintDisplay so I can see the line weights and click on Print preview.

well that would be probably nice to have it on or off by default, or at least have it keep the setting i also wondered already.

till then you could make a shortcut for the predefined command !_PrintDisplay _State _Toggle _Enter and address it with ALT P for example. its actually called print preview and not available over the command line so you have to get it through the command editor.

that would switch it at least on and off in an eye blink without having a window pop up complicatedly

Thanks Richard will try this

Hm - yeah, it looks like Rhino for Mac does not have ‘startup commands’ as on Windows Rhino - at least I do not see it yet - that would at least be a usable workaround.


I hope we soon will get startup commands in MacRhino. It’s one of the things I miss every day…


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On the list! RH-37156

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Hi Dan

Is there any chance of adding this to the wish list for a future release? Or do you guys have to approve it, not sure how it works…

Think it would be great if the PrintDisplay and Print Preview would be added to Display modes in preferences. As then one could quickly switch. I mainly want to see line weights when making a 2D drawing. Think it would be useful in Display Modes as when in Layout one could set some viewports to show lines weights and others without. Maybe there is a function that disables line weights too.

Alternatively PrintDisplay and Print Preview could be under View in the preferences.

This has been on our list for quite some time (RH-2452).

(Sorry for the delayed reply here. This one slipped off the radar.)