PrintDisplay bug

Is Print Display working correctly right now?
I’m working with Version 6 SR6 (6.6.18168.12081, 6/17/2018)

When I turn on print display in model space all of the colors change to their print colors, but in paper space they don’t change to their detail print color. They used to, so I’m curious if this feature got broken.


Hello - as far as I can see this is working in the latest here. Checking 6.6…
Also looks OK to me in 6.6.

  • I make a curve in model space, add a layout and activate a detail. I change the layer’s detail print color to say green, and then turn on PrintDisplay - the curve shows green in the one detail.

  • Is that a reasonable test for what you see going on?


I can replicate what you are doing. However I think after further digging it has to do with blocks. if you make that curve a block then it shows black again instead of green

Hello - yep, I see, thanks.