Print widths are lost/reset?

Hi to all,

I’m wondering why print preview print widths (in Layer Panel) are lost/reset when I uncheck Print Preview?

Thank you in advance

Sorry, just noticed…print widths (in Layer Panel) are lost/reset when I change the Layer States.

Hello - I am not following, yet - can you please outline the steps and commands you are using - what is going wrong?


Hi Pascal G, thank you for your interest…my steps are:

  1. At the first step I defined Layers in the Layers Panel (all with Default Print Width)
  2. Then I defined different Layer states
  3. In the next step I defined Print Widths of particular Layer in Layers Panel
  4. Select one Layer State from 2) and all Layers Print Widths are lost/reset to Default in Layers Panel.

I thought that Layer Print Widths are “independent” from the Layers States but obviously, the Layer States “remember” Print Widths from the time when the Layers States were created and overwrite Current Print Widths in Layers Panel?

Can I avoid this somehow?

Hello - at the base of the Layer States panel, you get to set some of the things to restore, including print width and color:


Does that help?


Yes, that’s it :grinning:

Thank you again, Pascal