Print Visibility Preferences no longer remembered?

Bit of a small inconvenience but it used to be that when printing it would remember the previous settings in visibility. We almost always use print selected but now it seems you have to select it every print. It seems to have just started doing it this year.
This may just be a thing that has changed with an update but gets tedious quickly when printing multiple items. Is there a way to make it recall the preferences?

The only selected objects option was intentionally made to not remain persistent between running of the print command. It was catching a number of users off guard and they didn’t understand why nothing was being previewed because they forgot they had this option checked in the past. Sorry that this may be an inconvenience to you.

Thanks for clarifying it’s not just me going mad and it has been changed. Understandable that you would change it if there was constant support needed for a simple checkbox. I assume there isn’t a way to re-enable it?

You might be able to create a macro to “print selected”

Cheers. I changed the Ctrl+P shortcut to “!_Isolate _Print” as a workaround.
Thanks for the assistance.