Print to PDF makes white images

What is causing this? I made a JPEG of the view (viewcapture to file as JPG) and placed it on the layout and both the print preview and the print shows no image:

Hmmm I don’t know - poking around the bug tracker I see there is a but item for this that seems to be fixed for 6.8 - are you running 6.8 yet?


In my case I have black shading areas if I print using RhinoPDF and visible light diferences between the printing squares in all the other printing modes.

Hi, thanks.
This appeared in 6.7 and I have not moved to 6.8 yet.

Hi Holo,
Have you tried using the Raster Output, instead of the Vector Output?
If your image is a capture, I think that’s where your problem comes from.
Hope it helps!

Hi Friou,
yes, I tried all print modes and different printers, but neither of them shows the JPG file, nor any other pictures added to the layout or in the file.

I did a new test in SR7 and it still had that faulty behaviour, then downloaded the latest SR8 release candidate and there it works as expected: