Print style problems


I’m having some problems assigning the print colors and line weight to the fornitures and elements created by myself.

I tried to change the setting in every step of the object creation (from saving the native file already with the colors and line weight that I want, till changing the settings in the visualarq style window). I tried to change the setting assigning also the option “for level”, but when I’m printing, all the objects keep to be printed in black and I don’t know with which line weight. Can you explain to me how to solve this problem?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

@AleM_29 you can assign the print colors, line weights, materials or section attributes from the styles dialog of furniture and elements. Take a look at the screenshot below for changing the color of one of the components of the Furniture style “Single Bed”: image
You could also assign these attributes directly to the object if that object style and components have the attributes “by parent”.
If there is any problem with your file, please send it to and we will take a look at it!

@fsalla First of all thank you for your answer!

I already tried to make all the possible changes from the styles dialog as you did in the screen, and I see that it works fine for the default objects. But this is not working when I create my own object. With the objects that i created the color output keep to be black and also the line width is always the same.

@AleM_29 Can you send the model to That way we will be able to take a look in detail at this issue.