Print size point object


I am trying to find the right thickness of the points in my drawing to print them, and was playing with the size in the print dialog… But the results i get are contradictory sometimes. Is there a difference using a 0.2 or a 0,2? I get another print result… Should I use the “point” or the comma? When I use the 0.3 my point becomes a quiet big square, when I use 0,3 the point is very small… Can someone tell me how it works? Thanks

I believe you should be using the point (0.3) which is a unit indicator, the comma is indicating a list- (0 then 3) or at least that’s my understanding

@theoutside ok, thanks! Would you know if it is possible to change the square of a point into a circle? The range between using 0.22 still gives me a thick point where the square is visible, and 0.21 gives me a too thin point…0.21.pdf (351.5 KB)
0.22.pdf (352.5 KB)

try this-

On the Mac this does not seem to be available…only square with or without white centre

@maxz Where do you find this properties on mac? I can’t find a menu like that :frowning:
Found it! :slight_smile:

doh…sorry I missed that this was mac. maxz is right- only square with white, or plain square on mac-

No problem, thanks very much for the answer! And i try to find that properties to test the difference with the plain square :slight_smile:

Rhinoceros > Preferences > Display modes > Objects > Points