Print set up going to print w/o using final print button


I have a question regarding print set in Rhino 7 (yes it is up to date). I using the Sonoma OS on a iMac.

In the past…I have hit command P and get a window–where I can make all the obvious choices – paper size, orientation, scale etc. And most importantly I could choose Window-Set which would take me back to the drawing and I could move that shaded box to what I wanted to print (given paper size and scale)

These days, I will hit command P get the window --then I will select Window-Set it will start printing right away. After it starts printing, it will take me back to the drawing but the box isn’t the right size given the scale I have chosen–so that’s another problem.

I thought this was a printer problem but I’ve tried it on different printers and it’s the same.
Is there something that changed? Is there a better way to do this? Is something corrupted?
I am just trying to print in scale certain portions of the drawing in working on.

Hello- thanks, I see that here as well.
RH-78827 Print : Window > Set launches Print


Hi Pascal,

If that is a link–it doesn’t work.

Please try now…


Sorry if I am being dumb–are you saying it just doesn’t work and I need V8? I looked for a Print Set up under File but that doesn’t exist like it other programs.

I guess I could download V8 to see if it works but I wasn’t really thinking of using V8 – I am not doing things that are that complicated–just straightforward drafting.

Yeah, I looked over in your link–but I still don’t see a solution-- not even sure you understand the problem. I go to the set up page – It will print before I have a chance to set up,
I go to “Set Window” and while it will go back to the drawing, the shadowed box is not the paper size I have selected. Back to page set up and it is really boggy when I want to set the scale.

Is there a work around? Should I do this another way?