Print selected objects as

Hi, I selected the objects I wished to print, ignoring all else, but print pdf sees everything.

is there a print selected objects as pdf command ?


I assume you are using the Print command. Select the objects to be printed. When the Print SetUp menu appears, go down to “Visibility” and if the menu of Visibility optIons is not visible click on the “+”. Then click in the box next to “Only Selected Objects”.

You can simply hide the objects you don’t want to print.

That works, BUT I have just a black triangle when in rhino I have black shapes with hatch black fill (on black layer), over a white triangle with white hatch fill on same layer but given… (Properties>turned off by layer and chose white)
Below that is a rectangle (same layer) with black hatch fill, over which Dimension>text block lettering again same leyer given the properties>turned off by layer and selected colour’ treatment’

everything has gone black in the pdf.

I am using pdf24 (the sheep)


Hi Steve - check your Print dialog for the print settings and output colors.


Hi, I have now put the parts onto layers with the colours I require and set them to 'by layer and that solves it.

I receive work where folk use the colour as opposed to ‘by layer’ to apply colours, so I try and be clever and do same, and get bitten in the bum !

Wondering though how to create a pdf when the triangle is white and the pdf background is white !

Cant see the triangle. give it a black border and we get artwork with a black border when want white.

Export as eps would solve that, but we dont have eps.

How can I get it out to a vinyl cutter or decal maker (probably latter as text strokes 0.5mm !!) with transparent background ?


Change the color of the triangle to some color other than white… --Mitch

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