Print preview wrong in rh8


i am facing a problem when preparing the print in RH8 , the preview scale is wrong.
this is an example RH8 preview looks like this ( wrong )

same file , same everything in RH7 preview looks correct

other than that both print result is the same , so the scale is correct also on RH8 , the only 1 problem is tha being preview on RH8 wrong it is not psosible to evaluate print result in RH8

What version of V8 do you have? Here in the current 8.5 SRC, the print preview looks correct.

sorry for late reply and thanks for your suggestion , you are right!!
Looking fine now after update to latest version


sorry but i have to open the issue again

i am still facing the problem despite latest version is installed


print preview is wrong

Hi Filippo -

Mitch wrote that he was using the SR5 candidate while you are on SR4.
If all goes as planned, a final SR5 will be released later today, but you can change your update frequency to Service Release Candidates.