Print Points?

Hello, I was wondering how I could print points.

I have a surface and I need to prints its control points.

I can display them but not Make2D them.
I could extractpt, but yet again I cant Make2d.

Screenshot is not an option.

How can this be done? Thanks

this should work though i’m not sure why it’s failing for you… but i can ExtractPt on a surface then Make2D the resulting points/surface.

(or, more likely, i’m misunderstanding what you’re attempting to do :wink: )

Im intending to export a pdf, of a perspective of points. Thus make a make2d from perspective viewport of the points. But its not working, when I go check the origin there is nothing, setting are set to defeault.

Look this file as an example, make2d to the points runs but creates no drawing. Examples.3dm (644.7 KB)

You mean like… Actually printing the points? Like so?
Examples.pdf (27.6 KB)

Exactly that, how did you do that? Export to pdf directly?

All I did was CTRL-P or File, Print

In View and Output Scale, Choose Set Window, and make your selection and then print to whatever printer you are using.

We use CutePDF and BullZIPPDF. We use BullZipPDF so I can automate printing through my plugin.

That was it, perfect. Thank you sir.