Print PDF in vector mode do not show picture frame

Dear all, it seems that printing a layout in vector mode (which is better when having 2d Drawings) do not show picture frame!! Which i use a lot in layout for my logo as the clients one’s… it was working before!!
And using raster mode will obviously decrease the 2d quality…
Could you please make it works again!?

Best regards

Hello - as far as I can see this works in parallel view details and not in perspective ones - is that what you see?


No in my case it isn’t about picture frame in the model space but picture frame directly on the layout such as safety signs, logos, IMO symbols, etc…

@pascal For example
Vector output image
Raster output image
In vector the 2d drawing have better quality which what i am looking for but my logo disappear in the “cartouche”. While in raster the 2d quality depend on the dpi so on the file size.
The logo is a picture frame which is on the layout only.
It was working before and it was great! as I could expect!
Best Regards

This is only a screen capture of the print preview ( because vector 2d seems ugly) but it’s cleaner on the pdf output.

Ok i’ve manage to make it work again by replacing the Picture frame. I had this problem long time ago when moving, cutting or scaling picture frame make them disapearing from printer in vector mode only…

Hello - if you have a repeatable example, please send it…


test2.3dm (2.8 MB)

Unfortunately i’m not able to make a repeatable example, but find attached a case study.
Nothing in the model space.
A layout “page 2” with two picture frames, one outside the “cartouche” one inside.
The inside one required the render display mode in the layout to be shown and won’t print in vector mode, strangely the material are not the same while there were both made using picture frame command.
The one in the “cartouche” has been cut…

If that helps…


Hi Steven,
I’ve looked at that file to try and find out what is wrong here. Apparently, the one that won’t print isn’t being recognized as a “Picture” object whereas the other one is. There is no way to get back to a “Picture” from a plane with a material and so you will have to create that one once again.

Do you remember how the failing one got into that state?

They were both picture frames at the beginning…
After one has been modify by cut moveand probably scale function, which normally should not modify it from being a picture frame.
For a strange reason (Vray, Iray plugins,…or just saving…) it has been update as a surface with texture instead of picture frame.
I’m actually not able to repeat it. Will let you know if i realize what is the key point during my workflow.


I’ve created RH-52353 and the developer will also try to find out what goes wrong here.

Hello Andrew,
I had the same problem, your picture frames aren’t probably picture frames anymore but surfaces with a texture attached. Check if that is the case this problem has already been discus here RH-52353

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