Print Menu difficulties with scale

First, I am running Mac Catalina 10.15.3.
In the print menu–I have a recurring problem…this is a typical scenario for me…In the print menu: The Presets are last used settings…
I switch printers in the menu–which takes a long time-I get the spinning wheel for about 15-20 sec, change paper size-fine, change scale from scale to fit to say ¼" and then print…it will print out but the scale didn’t really change. So I go back to do it again and change the scale again, it will change. Any ideas?

Is this a Catalina issue? Something seems up with the print menu–I am one of the folks who can’t produce a pdf without going into preview.

Help appreciated.

I’m running 10.15.2 and Rhino 6 (6.21.19349.01012) here, and I’m not seeing this behaviour, I can change printers without the spinning wheel appearing. Is your file very big, does the same happens with a simple rectangle?

Are you printing from a regular viewport or using the Layout? I always use Layout and set the details to the desired correct scale, and I print from there. Just tested changing the scale and the print was OK.

Not seeing this here either, I was able to produce a PDF from the print dialog using save as PDF

Not a big file–and it seems to happen no matter the size. I am printing from the viewport. At least one other person on this forum has or had the same issue with the save as PDF.